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Value for money

value for money

Shops with fresh meat

J.F. Edwards Group has four retail shops (stalls) on Smithfield Market in London. It is the wholesale market for fresh meat in the British capital. The group stalls are specialised in poultry, beef, lamb, rabbit and exotic meat. In addition, the J.F. Edwards Group supplies smoked fish specialities.

'Fresh is key'

“We want to supply quality across the board. This includes the quality of our products, our deliveries and matters like traceability. We offer our customer value for money. We have no ambitions to be the cheapest supplier. It is precisely because of this added value that our customers wish to purchase from us. An example is that we manage our own logistics and with ten small vans we supply London and far beyond. Freshness is of great importance to the catering industry. Our customers can count on receiving a quality product, and on time too,” according to Steve Barber, Managing Director of the J.F. Edwards Group.

A true partnership

The group is growing and, according to Steve Barber, which has all been made possible through entering partnerships with their suppliers. “We see the same loyalty in our suppliers, as we do in our customers.” The group draws its products from around the world, especially the exclusive products (15% of the total selection) that the company supplies. The largest share of the products – beef, lamb and poultry - (85%) comes from Europe, with Dutch Food Experts being one of the most important suppliers.

‘A deal is a deal’

“We trust Dutch Food Experts for all our poultry. It is a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust. They do not just stand for the quality of their products but have enormous supply reliability too. This is a winning combination. Above all, we have noticed that in times when the market is under pressure, they support us and keep their promises regarding quality and supply reliability. For them, a deal is a deal. When you can achieve this together, you can celebrate a true partnership.”

"Dutch Food Experts stands by the quality of its products and has tremendous delivery reliability."

About Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market, the meat and poultry wholesale market for London, was established more than 140 years ago. The history dates back a lot further than that. Trading has taken place here for almost 1000 years, first in livestock and later in fresh produce. The various suppliers at Smithfield market each have their own ‘shop’ that has to comply with the latest hygiene rules and requirements for fresh products.


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