Dutch Food Experts is the specialist of choice for pork. Our selection includes a wide range of fresh and deep-frozen, marinated and convenience meat products. We always ensure the right supply that meets the demand exactly.  We look after our producers, so that customers are assured of constant availability.


Direct from the producer to the customer

Serving the best

Meat is a delicate product that requires careful handling. Good harmonisation of supply and demand reduces the time between production and delivery.  This benefits product quality. This is where Dutch Food Experts excels.

To ensure our pork shipments take place smoothly, we only work with dedicated hauliers who are certified in compliance with the applicable standards. An advanced refrigeration system ensures that products in transit are kept in perfect condition. Above all, shipments can be followed in real time.

'We have an extensive range of fresh and frozen, marinated and convenience meat products'

Dutch Food Experts

Fresh & deep-frozen pork

Fresh & deep-frozen pork

Extensive selection

Fresh pork has a juicy texture and full flavour.  It is ready for immediate consumption and can be prepared in various ways such as frying, grilling or stewing.  Deep-frozen pork retains its quality for long periods of time and can be defrosted and prepared as required. Curious about our selection of fresh and deep-frozen pork?

Marinated pork

Marinated pork

Delicious taste

Marinated pork is extra flavoursome and deliciously tender. The combination of a tender texture and rich flavour makes marinated pork a favourite among meat lovers. Dutch Food Experts has an extensive selection of marinated meat, like lomo (loin) and solomillo (tenderloin). Curious about our entire range?

Ready-to-eat pork

Ready-to-eat pork


Convenience pork products are becoming increasingly popular. That makes sense, because these products combine flavour with convenience. Dutch Food Experts has a large range of ready-to-eat products in its selection, from breaded ham to bacon. We also have various products suitable for slow cooking, like spareribs and knuckle. Smoked pork is also available. Curious about our entire range of convenience products?

We are all about food safety

The quality of the products plays a significant role. Of course, the origins of our products are completely traceable. Pork has to be stored and transported in the right conditions. If you opt for Dutch Food Experts, you are guaranteed quality products. Our quality guarantee is backed with the following certifications:


Société Européenne Négoce de Viandes

Dominique Lormeau

"It is a company that truly listens to your needs and caters to them. Their products are always fresh, of impeccable quality and the high-volume supply is constant, allowing us to meet our customer demand.”

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