Dutch Food Experts is a specialist in the poultry sector. We connect abattoirs with customers. Dutch Food Experts markets quality products: from whole chickens to every possible portion variation, both fresh and deep-frozen.


Guaranteed sales, continuous supply

Serving the best

Innovations in portioning, packaging and logistics. Finding new sales markets. That is what we are constantly involved in at Dutch Food Experts.  Thanks to a worldwide network, we are able to match supply and demand most efficiently. Giving you as a producer sales security and as a customer the assurance of a continuous supply and supply reliability.

Transport of fresh and deep-frozen products requires knowledge to guarantee quality. Which is why we work exclusively with dedicated hauliers. Our hauliers are all certified in accordance with the applicable norms, including HACCP. A refrigeration registration system is in place that allows for the continuous monitoring of products in transit. Deliveries can always be followed real time.

'We market quality products. From whole chickens to every possible portion variation’

Dutch Food Experts

Fresh & deep-frozen

Fresh & deep-frozen

Extensive selection

Fresh chicken has optimum flavour and texture. It can be prepared in a whole manner of ways. Deep-frozen chicken can be defrosted and prepared as required. Both options offer many different possibilities for consumption. Dutch Food Experts has an extensive range of chicken and poultry products, both fresh and deep-frozen.

Marinated chicken

Marinated chicken

Delicious taste

Marinated chicken is a delicious treat for the taste buds. Through marinating chicken in a mix of herbs, spices, oils and vinegars, the flavour is intensified and the meat deliciously tenderised. At Dutch Food Experts, you will find a large selection of marinated chicken wings. The chicken wings are already marinated and cooked and only need to be warmed through for consumption. Curious about our entire range?

Ready-to-eat chicken products

Ready-to-eat chicken products


Convenience chicken products are becoming increasingly popular. That makes sense, because these products combine flavour with convenience. Dutch Food Experts has a large range of ready-to-eat high-quality convenience chicken products already breaded or marinated. The range varies from whole chicken legs to chicken nuggets and drumsticks. Curious about our complete selection of ready-to-eat products?

Dutch Food halfkip

Next-level chicken flavour


Are you ready for a next-level dining experience? MAX THE FLAVOUR takes the flavour of chicken to a new level. Pushing boundaries through marinades, sauces and coated products, from batter to tempura and more. MAX THE FLAVOUR products are delicious from the oven or deep fryer.

With MAX THE FLAVOUR, we offer a large range of flavours for everyone. Fight back the tears with our hot and spicy chicken breasts and wings, experience a serious crunch with our crispy chicken and treat your taste buds with our tender chicken breasts.


We are all about food safety

The quality of the products plays a significant role. Of course, the origins of our products are completely traceable. Chicken has to be stored and transported in the right conditions. If you opt for Dutch Food Experts, you are guaranteed quality products. Our quality guarantee is backed with the following certifications:

Dutch Food Ready-to-eat

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“Dutch Food Experts go that extra mile to meet our requests and they keep their promises. A deal is a deal.”

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