Dutch Food Experts is a specialist beef supplier. We offer an extensive range of fresh and deep-frozen, marinated and convenience meat products. We match the range to meet demand. We look after our producers, so that you as a customer are assured of constant availability.


Direct from producer to customer

Serving the best

Meat is an easily spoiled product. Good harmonisation of supply and demand reduces the time between production and supply and benefits the product quality. This is where Dutch Food Experts excels.

Transporting beef and lamb requires expertise. Which is why we only work with dedicated hauliers. Our hauliers are of course certified in compliance with the applicable standards. An advanced refrigeration system ensures that products in transit are kept in perfect condition. Shipments can be followed real time.

‘We match the range to meet demand. We look after our producers, so that you as a customer are assured of constant availability’

Dutch Food Experts

Fresh and deep-frozen beef

Fresh and deep-frozen beef

Extensive range

Fresh beef has a lively red colour and is often juicy and tender. Fresh beef is ideal for immediate consumption and can be prepared in various ways. Deep-frozen beef offers the advantage of a longer shelf life. Deep-frozen beef can be defrosted and used whenever it is convenient. Dutch Food Experts supplies both fresh and deep-frozen meat. We also have an extensive range of preformed meat, varying from diced steak to burgers.

Marinated beef

Marinated beef

Delicious taste

Marinated beef is a delicious and tasty option for lovers of red meat. Marinating lends extra flavour to meat and makes it deliciously tender. No matter if you are grilling, baking or roasting, marinated beef always adds to a tasty meal. You will find an extensive range of marinated meat, such as marinated strips of meat and meat marinated in chimichurri. Curious about our complete range?

Ready-to-eat vlees

Ready-to-eat vlees


Convenience products combine flavour and ease of use. Convenience beef is ready to use without any further preparation and offers the flavour and quality of fresh beef. 

Dutch Food Experts has a large range of ready-to-eat products in its range, from diced steak to mini burgers. We also have all sorts of products that are suitable for slow cooking, like beef ribs and pastrami. Curious about our complete selection?

We are all about food safety

The quality of the products is our first priority. Of course, the origins of our products are completely traceable. Beef and lamb have to be stored and transported in the right conditions. If you opt for Dutch Food Experts, quality is guaranteed. Our quality guarantee is backed with the following certifications:


A & J Audhali Fresh Farm Foods Limited

Jeff Audhali

“We go for quality, speed, a good price and traceability. These are also the strong features of Dutch Food Experts, where supply certainty plays a major role too.”

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