Finger food

Finger foods are a popular choice for parties and events. Small snacks that can easily be picked up and eaten from the hand.  Dutch Food Experts has an extensive range of savoury, sweet and convenience finger foods.


Savoury and sweet finger foods

Serving the best

Finger foods are a popular culinary trend, serving bite-sized snacks. These delicious snacks are perfect for events and parties, because they are easy to eat from the hand.

Finger foods are available in many forms: from mini croquettes to sweet and caramelised onion and sweet red pepper. Finger foods are a wonderful way to treat guests with various flavours and textures.

‘Finger foods are the perfect combination of flavour and convenience, with every bit delivering a surprising taste explosion’

Dutch Food Experts

Savoury finger foods

Savoury finger foods

Flavourful snack

Savoury finger foods are a delicious and varied option for parties and meetings. Whether you are looking for a light snack or a tasty addition, savoury finger foods are always a success. The choice is huge: you can choose from cheese snacks as finger food, Iberico croquettes, chorizo croquettes and shrimp croquettes.

Sweet finger foods

Sweet finger foods

Lovely treat

Sweet finger foods are a sweet treat for in between meals. This could be a delicacy with sweet, creamy yoghurt with a light, smooth texture and extremely delicate flavour or rice pudding.  Dutch Food Experts has an extensive range of sweet finger foods.

Convenience fingerfood

Convenience fingerfood

Tasty snack

Convenience finger foods are a handy and tasty solution for busy moments or informal occasions. Dutch Food Experts has a large range of convenience products, such as caramelised onion and caramelised red sweet pepper.

We are all about food safety

The quality of the products plays a significant role. Of course, the origins of our products are completely traceable. If you opt for Dutch Food Experts, our quality is guaranteed. Our quality guarantee is backed with the following certifications:


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