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Reliability in logistics is essential

betrouwbaarheid logistiek

The best quality halal meat, poultry and fish

The A & J Audhali Fresh Farm Foods Limited warehouse has a floorspace of 2500m2 and can be fairly described as state-of-the-art. Everything is traceable and provided with a barcode. Warwick is strategically located in the centre of England. A hub of motorways connects the distribution centre with the rest of the country. “We offer our customers the best value-for-money halal meat, poultry and fish.”

Together with the customers

In the 18 years that A & J Audhali Fresh Farm Foods Limited has been in business, the company has acquired an excellent reputation among its customers as a reliable supplier of halal chicken, beef and lamb. 

Jeff Audhali, who runs the company with his brother Andrew: “Things are good, despite Covid-19. People need to eat. On top of that, we are now at the end of the Ramadan and that means one of the busiest times of the year for us. The orders all double at this time of year. However, among a number of our customers I see a dramatic drop in sales. They are directly affected by the lock-down because they supply the catering industry. We are looking at solutions with them and hope that things will go back to normal within a couple of months.”

"You see ranges being expanded, more luxuries and variations being offered."

Just-in-time is key

Jeff Audhali continues: “That is the way we do business, we work together. Our customers have come to expect this of us and our supply partners too. We go for quality, speed, a good price and traceability. In addition to core values, they are the preconditions for doing business." 

"These are also the strong features of Dutch Food Experts, where supply certainty plays a major role too. They ensure the deliveries are on time and have an extremely good logistics network. I can depend on them to deliver in the agreed time slot. It is consistent, I can count on them. It is a condition for partnership. My customers expect reliability and thanks to Dutch Food Experts it is virtually 100%. We handle around 300 orders per day, so the whole supply chain has to work together. Just-in-time is essential in our industry too.”

Innovation in the selection

The product selection includes beef, poultry and also fish. For Jeff Audhali, a question of observing and innovating. “We constantly monitor our customers’ needs. You can see that selections are expanded, that more luxury and varied products are offered. In addition, among lots of butchers, but in the catering industry too, there is a demand for a single supplier.”

“For us, this was an addition that fitted into our logistics operation and in our distribution centre too. It has quickly grown to become a large selection: from whole Tilapia to frozen cod fillets. For deep-frozen smoked and unsmoked fish, the same applies as for beef, lamb and poultry, thanks to our warehouse we can supply on demand.”

"We go for quality, speed, a good price and traceability. These are also the strong features of Dutch Food Experts."

Family firm

The Audhali history dates back further than the last two decades. Jeff and Andrew’s father left Yemen in the nineteen sixties, to establish himself in the United Kingdom. “That was hard work. He gave the name Audhali a shining reputation in our industry. He passed on the family-firm values to us. Something that remains our driving strength to this very day.”


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