La Phocéenne de Viandes Halal

A deal is a deal

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'We are on the same wavelength'

“When in 2014 I per chance became acquainted with Dutch Food Experts at a culinary salon, I knew straight away that I was onto something good. From the first conversation, it was clear we were on the same page and that their company vision was in line with mine,” says Bettahar El Keurti at the display unit of one of his butcher’s businesses in the sun-drenched Marseille. This major port in South of France has been a trading centre from time immemorial where cultures meet and smart, hard-working entrepreneurs get the opportunity to grow. So too El Keurti.

Growth through quality

Until 1999, the man with Algerian roots ran a butcher’s shop in the city. He bought meat from wholesalers and with an eye for detail and dedication to flavour he sold to a loyal customer base. But his passion for his profession and striving for quality ensured that he took control of his destiny and became the distributor of meat that had been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rituals. 

In the beginning, it was tough to expand the customer base, but through supplying quality at a keen price the company built up a solid customer base and expanded exponentially in the following years thanks to its good reputation. Today, La Phocéenne de Viandes Halal supplies more than 200 butchers in the South of France. Marseille, Toulon, Aix-en Provence, Nimes, Montpellier, … the company’s operating area is immense.

‘Dutch Food Experts always keep their promises’

Dutch Food Experts provides all the chicken products in the La Phocéenne de Viandes Halal range, a type of meat that holds an important place in Maghreb-Arabic cuisine. Deliveries are made no less than twice a week. Right on time. And that punctuality is a quality that EL Keurti is exceptionally pleased with. 

“Their way of doing business ensures that Dutch Food Experts always keep their promises. Not only do they go that extra mile to meet our requests, they also ensure their promises are upheld. A deal is a deal. And believe me, that is not the case for all suppliers. A tricky situation such as the recent strikes in France? No problem, Dutch Food Experts looks for a solution and ensures that the orders are delivered as agreed. Time after time. ‘Diligent and decent people” you can trust, El Keurti concludes.

"On Dutch Food Experts, you can trust."

Deeply rooted in Marseille

La Phocéenne de Viandes Halal operates from an 800 m² floor space cooled warehouse in Marseille. 70% of the company’s customers collect the produce themselves, usually before their butcher’s shop opens. The warehouse opens its doors between 4 am in the morning and 12 noon. La Phocéenne de Viandes Halal delivers directly to the remaining 30% of the customers. The company has 6 of its own vehicles that make deliveries each day. With 12 employees, it manages sales of 13 to 15 million euros annually.


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