Excellent poultry

Dutch Food Experts is a specialist and director in the poultry sector. We bring slaughterhouses and customers together and market quality products from whole chicken to portioned in all possible variations, both fresh and frozen. A worldwide network of supply and customers makes it possible to offer continuity.

Low carbon footprint

The poultry sector is still growing annually and will continue to do so for the time being. With the increase of the world population there is a need for relatively cheap proteins. It is also important that chicken has a low carbon footprint.


'We market quality products from whole chicken to portioned in all possible variations.'


Certified and guaranteed

Dutch Food Experts focuses on added value in the chain. For the customers, this means reliability of supply and guaranteed sales for the suppliers. An important factor, of course, is the quality of the products. Ongoing inspection and processing under strict rules ensure constant, high quality. It goes without saying that the origin of the products is fully traceable. Certification in accordance with BRC, IFS, IKB, GHP/GMP, HACCP, QS and Halal go without saying.

Innovative in packaging and portioning

By constantly looking for new sales markets, innovations in the field of portioning, packaging and more efficient logistics, we ensure that we add value to the chain. Our expertise enables us to continually optimise lead times and delivery reliability.

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Hans de Groote

E info@dutchfoodexperts.com /t +32 (0)3 650 01 80

'From whole chicken to portioned'

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