Fresh fish and fish products

Dutch Food Experts is a specialist in the supply of excellent, fresh fish and fish products. The supply comes from renowned fish auctions worldwide. Insight into the flows, time and quantities makes it possible to coordinate supply and demand.

Consumer ready fish products

By sourcing 'consumer ready' products directly from the source, the market is brought closer to the producer. This leads to a better match between demand and supply, but also to shorter lines throughout the chain. A good example is the supply from Russia. The country has one of the largest fishing fleets in the world and exports a lot of high-quality fish as raw material to countries including Korea, Japan, China, the United States of America and Europe. By adding value at the fish auction, such as filleting and portioning, the fish is handled in a sustainable way. In addition, the time between catch and consumer is reduced.


'By adding value at the fish auction the fish is handled in a sustainable way.'


MSC ecolabel

Sustainable sourcing is guaranteed by MSC - wild fish ecolabel - certification. In order to obtain MSC certification, the producer goes through an open and transparent assessment, carried out by an independent party. It is reviewed every year.

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'Directly from the source'

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